A Palette Comes out of the Closet

I was in my closet a couple days ago, putting together an outfit, when it struck me that what I was doing was, in essence, creating a palette: I started with the one major item (a cardigan sweater, multicolored, but with dominant tones of green, brown. and turquoise), chose a solid deep teal top to wear under the sweater, jeans (dark blue, but of course they go with everything), then, and added shoes, fingerless gloves (striped in lime green and charcoal grey), a rakish wool cap (dark sage green), and a bag (deep gold with dark brown handles). Oh, and earrings too— freshwater pearls and crystals in deep pinks and iridescent green.

I know it sounds like a lot going on; I’ll get some photos of this outfit so you can see that really, the effect is quite soft.

So for those of you (and you know who you are!) who think color palettes have no relevance in your lives, remember this: any time you think in terms of one color “going” with another, you’re creating palettes!

L on Wheels

This palette started in the most inauspicious way: I had bought a bundle of 6 skeins of yarn, different fibers all dyed at the same time, in burgundy and gold. It wasn’t until I had triumphantly spread them out at home that I realized… they really weren’t that attractive. In fact, they reminded me more than anything of college team colors. I prefer a blended, Impressionist-style look to the colors in my knitwear designs, so this ultra-contrasty color combination was, frankly, turning me off. (For some reason, it never occurred to me to simply return the yarns!) What could I do?

I decided the best make-a-silk-purse strategy was to develop a color palette, starting and ending with the burgundy and gold, with colors in between that would hopefully create a smooth transition. After a lot of experimenting, I actually came up with 3 different options, all varying rather wildly from each other; L on Wheels* is the one I decided to use for this particular sweater project.

L on Wheels palette: COLOURlovers.com

L on Wheels palette. Click the palette to see it on my ColourLovers page!

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