Photo/Graphic Design Becomes a Musing!

Flash! (Pun intended). Photo/Graphic Design’s original blog (started on some other blog site a while ago) is now moving over to WordPress, where it’s joining forces with colormusing, right here on the a Musing blog! (P/GD is the name of the photography and graphic design side of my work; colormusing covers color palette creation, which is closely connected to my photography, as well as to my line of yarns and patterns. Click on the links below to view these sites.)

Photo/Graphic Design

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Food Coloring: Just Beet It!

All right, maybe I’m taking this color obsession a little too far… In August, when I was visiting my sister up in Poulsbo, Washington, we were enjoying a wonderful home-cooked lunch at her house that included many young, delicious vegetables from her garden (and a chicken). This locovore’s delight included a dish of beautiful beets, regular (or whatever the red ones are called) and golden, together on a platter, thus:

Beets, part of a delicious lunch at my sister’s house. Little did she know… Continue reading

Markham Caerus: Ancient Colors in a Modern Palette

The day before yesterday, Valerie Thibodaux launched her first-ever website: Markham Caerus! Since my professional background includes graphic design (and did I mention that she’s my daughter?), I helped her develop the look and feel for this new site, including typography, layout, photo styles, and (of course) a color palette.

This palette is derived from 2 main sources: a mosaic that’s one of Valerie’s personal favorites, and antique maps. Why? Valerie is an archaeologist, and her project, Markham Caerus, is dedicated to the protection of art and antiquities from theft and looting.

Color Inspirations

Color inspirations for the Markham Caerus palette.

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Spring/Summer 2013: Pantone’s Color Forecast

Well, it’s barely fall, officially, especially here in Portland, but I couldn’t wait to show you these fabulous colors! (You’ll thank me during the long, grey winter days, trust me.) This amazing collection comes directly from Pantone, and seems to forecast bright, happy, optimistic times ahead for spring and summer!

Pantone's Spring/Summer 2013 Colors Pantone’s Spring/Summer 2013 colors. (Click the image to go directly to this page on Pantone’s website.) Continue reading

Wedding Colors: The Perfect Palette

I just ran across this colorful site, The Perfect Palette. Like Colormusing (with me as the chief muse, of course), they produce color palettes, but they specialize in developing color palettes and themes for weddings.

The Perfect Palette

The Perfect Palette, specializing in wedding color themes. (Click on the image to go straight there.)

On this site, you can browse existing palettes, or request a custom palette. They even have a page called “Shop the Color”, where you can find examples of, say, dresses, in the colors you like, and by mousing over each image, find the price immediately (or click on the image to go directly to that item’s website for purchasing). All in all, it’s a very interesting and useful site, well worth the trip— before you head down the aisle!