Blogs for all of us

Here’s a great idea from a wonderful photographer, Leanne, whose blog I follow.


I have called the post this today because I have become involved in a new blog that I think could be beneficial to all of us, well those of us who like to use textures.

The blog is called Public Domain Textures and is a site where you can take textures, post textures etc.  The idea is that the textures on this site are for anyone to use free of charge.  If you put your textures there then you are allowing them to be used in the public domain and you lose all copyright to them.  It goes the other way of of course, if you take textures from there you can’t then try and sell them or claim you have copyright for them.

I have already contributed a few textures, here is a gallery of the ones I have done.

I have a folder with over 300 textures so…

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