New: Save 50% with Colormusing’s Curated Color Palette Collections!

I know— say that 3 times really fast! Because with our new collections, you’ll get 3 palettes all coordinated and ready to be used in a thousand different ways (at least), and with a 50% savings to boot: Each set is just $5.95 per set*, which saves you 50% versus buying 3 palettes separately!

And hey, saving money is always good (right?), but when you’re in the market for a variety of palettes, these little bundles of color joy also save you the effort of deciding which might play well together. And — bonus! — these collections often link to related products.

Take these Market Tomato palettes, for example, with the photo collection that inspired them:

Market Tomatoes I color palette Market Tomatoes 2 color palette Market Tomatoes 3 color palette

Market Tomatoes I Market Tomatoes 2 Market Tomatoes 3

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A Musing Tutorial: Create a Photo/Palette Montage for a Facebook Cover Image

Since we’ve been working hard in November to add more downloadable photos and their related color palettes to Colormusing’s new online shop, I thought I’d take a break and show you something simple-but-stunning to do with them: A 2-layer montage to use as a Facebook cover image!

Here’s what I’m starting with for mine: The Peaches I photo and its coordinating palette, Just Peachy.

Photo + palette = montage

Photo + palette = montage (it’s the New Math). I’ve blended the palette and the photo (at left) together into the montage on the right.

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Just Added: Colormusing’s First Downloadable Photo Collections!

I’m super-excited to announce that Colormusing is expanding its Digital Graphic Files Collection to include our own style of “stock” photography— a little different from the hyper-slick, rather generic stock photography that’s widely available. Although they’re high-quality images with (of course) beautiful colors and details, these are a bit more real-looking than typical stock offerings, which makes us believe that they’ll actually be more versatile!

For example, take a look at these single-image-download photos (click on a photo to go directly to its Colormusing listing):

Peppers I photo Peaches I photo Fresh Herbs photo

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