About the Colormusing family

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17 October 2015 update: The all-new Colormusing online shop is now open!

In brief: The previously-separate Knittique, The Bratelier, and Photo/Graphic Design are now united under the Colormusing name. Shop Colormusing for downloadable color palettes & graphic files, luxury hand-dyed yarns & knitwear patterns, artwork on canvas, jewelry, tutorials, & more!

Colormusing is all about discovering sources that inspire beautiful color palettes, and finding creative ways to use them. Ever wonder where I get the ideas for my palettes? A high percentage are actually inspired by my own photographs, dyeing experiments, and just plain playing with yarn and fabric.

My Photo/Graphic Design work reflects my specialty in creating photo montages, and my graphic design background. When you’re browsing this work at Colormusing, you’ll see palettes derived from my montages. And along with palettes, the Photo/Graphic Design collection also includes downloadable graphic files (like background images) that you can incorporate into your own projects.

And I create a perfect Circle of My Creative Life by applying many of these palettes to my unique line of yarns, including hand-dyed luxuries and novelties, for Knittique, my yarn and knitwear work!

Visit the all-new Colormusing shop!

Visit Colormusing on Facebook!

Oh, and when you visit, be sure to sign up to receive Hue News, Colormusing’s free e-mail newsletter! Each monthly* mailing will include featured color palettes, ideas for using them, links to tutorials, new product updates, and special discount codes only available in Hue News! Click the logo below to subscribe now!

Colormusing's Hue News

Hue News, Colormusing’s monthly e-mail newsletter, launched on November 1, but it’s never too late to subscribe! (Click the logo to go directly to the sign-up page at Colormusing.com.)

*There’s always so much happening at Colormusing that I wouldn’t rule out an occasional mid-month supplement to Hue News, but I promise, that’s it!

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