The a Musing blog, and how it got that way

This blog originated on my new website (, but since the site format doesn’t allow commenting, I decided to move it over here to WordPress! Colormusing is the name of my palette-creation project; you’ll find links to diverse applications of this work on the colormusing website.

9 December 2012 update: I’ve just opened a new Colormusing Etsy shop called It’s All About Hue! This shop features my photographic and color palette works, including photographic montages printed on gallery-wrapped canvas, and I’ll soon be adding collections of background and texture files that you can use in your own graphic designs, website/blog backgrounds, unique greeting cards, and more!

23 October 2012 update: A while back, before I came to WordPress, I had also started a blog related to my photography work (Photo/Graphic Design); at this point, I’m consolidating my blogging world, which will hopefully make life easier for you as well as for me! So since my photography and color work are so closely connected, the P/GD blog is now going to be combined with the Colormusing blog, all under the name a Musing. You’ll now be able to see not only the inspiration that comes from my photographic and design work, but how it translates into color palettes, then back into design work— my creative process, in fact. I’ll also include occasional tutorials for projects such as creating simple photo montages, creative uses for so-so photos, and more!

I’d love to hear about your ideas for using colors (not just mine). As I get started with this blog, my mind is primarily on color inspiration; I know you think it just magically pops into my head, but the truth is, what it takes is simply opening our eyes. Sure, we notice beautiful colors in a flower, or a sunset, but what about the subtle shadings in your cat’s fur? Or the palette used in a striped shirt? Try this the next time you’re in a restaurant: look around and take in the decor colors that extend even to the menus; I guarantee those choices were not random.

So inspiration really is about raising our awareness. What inspires you?

So what is colormusing about? Inspiration, palette creation, application: colormusing really is all about hue!

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