Is Turquoise really, um, Turquoise?

Since February 2011, I’ve been working on a series Scraplet Skeins (my company’s line of yarns) called The Birthstone Collection; each month I’ve created a new colorway inspired by that month’s birthstone. I’ve learned some very interesting things in process.

First, there is apparently no such thing as a definitive list of birthstones. Even on the most basic list I could find, most months had at least one alternative stone; June, for example, has three possibilities: pearl, moonstone, and alexandrite. I’ve come across traditional,  modern, mystical, ayurvedic, and astrological birthstones, and there are probably more. So I had to choose a particular list to follow consistently. (I picked the traditional one, mainly because it was the only one that listed amethyst as the primary birthstone for February— my birth month.) Continue reading